Modifying the conductor and CLI - GSoC - Week 3, 4, and 5

Hi again! It’s been sometime since my last blog post. Been a little preoccupied getting work done and moving to a new city. :)

So, this blog post summarizes my progress through the last 3 weeks. I’ll be submitting my second set of patches today and here’s what they contain:

  • The hardware_profiles controller in the conductor has been modified appropriately so that all the methods that need to return data in XML format (index, show, destroy and create actions specifically) now do so. Appropriate XML templates have been added to support this API functionality
  • A HardwareProfile model has been added to the cli to allow invocation of the conductor hardware profile related API functionality through the magical ActiveResource class.
  • Lastly, on the cli side, the list command and delete command have been extended appropriately and a create command has been added to support hardware profile creation, deletion and listing from the cli.

Hope to see these as part of Aeolus real soon. My first real contribution to Aeolus, I believe :)

Hardware Profiles - GSoC - Week 2

Hi everyone. Time for my scheduled weekly progress update.

After solving the small task on the conductor, I now have a concrete task at hand, that of creating, listing and deleting hardware profiles via Aeolus-cli.

Hardware profiles basically describe or inform one of the architecture of the cloud provider instance such as number of CPU cores available or amount of memory available or amount of hard disk space available etc. How this works in the Aeolus scenario is that the user requests for some minimum set of such resources and Aeolus, through the deltacloud API, informs the user whether the requested hardware profile can be satisfied or not for the particular cloud provider. 

The task at hand for me is to achieve this hardware profile creation, listing and deletion via the command line by integrating the functionality into Aeolus-cli. How am I going to achieve this? By augmenting the existing code in the conductor which already allows all the above listed functionality and adding code to the Cli to invoke the conductor code. 

So here goes… :)

Dealing with blockers - GSOC 2012 - Week 1

Week #1 has come to an end.

I had my engineering finals the week before this and I am glad to report that I am unofficially a Computer Science Engineer! :)

So anyway, this past week I had to deal with some small issues that were blocking my progress and had to finish a small task assigned to me by my mentor to better understand the Conductor codebase.

The issue I was facing was the image-warehouse service (iwhd) was failing due to a segmentation fault on F15. Restarting it was of no avail and the problem persisted. This prompted me to switch to F16 and re-install all Aeolus rpm’s afresh. This, thankfully, was an easy enough task and now I’m all set.

I completed the task assigned to me by Mo, my mentor, and have submitted my first patch. As of today, I’m awaiting it’s approval. This was meant to get me familiar with the git-workflow for submitting a patch. I will be posting the workflow in the coming week. :)

That’s it for now. Keep watching this space for more on my project!

Cloning the repositories

In this post, I will be demonstrating how I have cloned the Aeolus-Cli and Aeolus-Conductor repositories to begin exploring them.

I’m using Fedora 15 as my primary OS while contributing to the projects. You need to have ‘git’ installed before you can clone the repositories. Installing it as simple as running 'sudo yum intall git'.

For the Aeolus-Cli, the git repository link url can be found here. Once you have the link, all that needs to be done is navigate to the directory where you want to clone the repository and run 'git clone <repo link url>'.

You will also find the url to the Aeolus-Conductor git repo at the page mentioned above. Its a similar process cloning that repository as well.

Now that I have both repos cloned on my local system, I can start digging and finding entry-points for new services (which is the first step in my project) and figure how to add new commands to the Cli. 

That’s it for this post. Watch out for more in the weeks to come :)

GSoC 2012 - My journey begins :)

Success! :) I have a foot in the door. Hopefully I can make a place for myself in the open source world now. 

Will be contributing to Aeolus under the awesome mentor-ship of Mo Morsi :) The project is being offered by the Fedora project. Really looking forward to the entire experience. Here’s my proposal for all to see : proposal

Please do feel free to comment.

The community bonding period has begun and I will be posting here with my progress. 

Finally started one :)

Its high time I started blogging. Not ‘cause everyone’s doing it! No way! 

Well maybe a little bit, ya :P. 

I love programming and I’m currently interacting with people in the FOSS world to start contributing to a project, _fingers crossed_. 

Be sure you’ll hear more from me soon.. :)